Finalists for Shanghai

Following a record number of applications and interviews we are very excited bout IBM SmartCamp Shanghai which is happening later this week. So to give you a sample of things to come, here are the 5 selected finalists.

4+1 Mobile Health – Healthcare
4+1 Mobile Health is mobile SNS focus on health and fitness. We build social network focus on health and fitness, you can bind your account with Sina Weibo/Tencent QQ/Renren and enjoy the fitness journey with friends. You can find surrounding exercise partners and share your activity/diet information with them. Connected users are supposed to make progress together as well as motivating each other.

Alpha Outlook – Social Media BI and Monitoring
Alpha Outlook collects all the relevant conversations from all the sources and boils down the data and presents it so anyone can understand.. With all of this big data, one of the things we are working on is to build intelligent algorithms and AI. One example is to be able to have our systems correctly identify key influencers of markets, verticals, niches and influencers of public opinion.

KAI Square – Surveillance and Monitoring Platform
KAI Square (defined by “Knowledge harnessed through Artificial Intelligence”) , has an innovative solutions using surveillance and monitoring technology incorporating artificial intelligence. has built a strong foothold in Singapore surveillance industry attributing its success to innovations and technological strength. This also attracts various leading system integrators to form partnerships with KAI Square to rollout infrastructure enabling a more efficient management system across multiple platforms to multiple devices.

Mega Connect – Connected Health Platform
Mega Connect focuses on rural Chinese areas are underserved in terms of healthcare, we thrive to serve this huge market using conntected health technologies: Android Tablet-Based Lily Village Doctor System

Palmap – Indoor and POI Data Open Platform
Palmap focuses on creating the INDOOR maps and POI data that are NOT presently covered by existing GIS data providers. After collecting all the INDOOR maps and POI data into a database, we then make the data open to all our partnering companies, who can use our data to develop innovative INDOOR LBS applications and web services. Having all of our applications developed using the indoor GIS data, we benefit our end users by providing them with fully-developed, precise and real-time INDOOR GIS information. We also benefit our partnering companies by helping them attracting more users and traffic. The commercial parties who use our maps can advertise to all our partnering companies’ channels and platforms.

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