6 Finalists Announced for ASEAN SmartCamp in Singapore

We are delighted to announce the finalists for the IBM Global Entrepreneur SmartCamp for ASEAN, to be held in Singapore on September 10, 2012. The finalists are from three different countries–Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Firegent iASP (Malaysia) Designs document-processing systems with ‘human-like’ abilities for corporations to automatically organize and capture specified data from documents. The idea is to perform these tasks without barcodes, special keywords, specific page layouts or blank page separators, but with accuracy and speed that surpasses human capabilities.

HistoIndex Pte Ltd. (Singapore) Provides researchers and hospitals with cutting edge tools and reliable techniques to assist in speedy and accurate diagnosis of fibrosis. HistoIndex is the world’s first company to offer clinicians, researchers, and drug development companies a quantitative technology that can visualize cell morphology and matrix distribution without the need for staining.

Innova Technology (Singapore) Provides a security solution which protects personal belongings using a smart tagging device. In today’s busy lifestyle, people can easily be distracted from taking care of their possessions. Innova Technology’s Protag solution is always there to safeguard belongings, alerting owners when they have either been left behind or stolen.

Technobaik Informedia (Indonesia) Provides a smart traffic management and emergency service management solution for non-metro cities. Their Trafizap solution uses a novel system of crowd source analytics which reads text-based user input and converts it into real-time visual traffic maps and infographics, helping the Indonesian driver avoid traffic jams and better plan routes.

VitalsTRAK (Singapore) Its mission is to help people live better and healthier lives using smartphones for chronic disease management, home/senior care monitoring, and health/fitness well-being. VitalsTRAK employs smart analytics to provide reports to help patients and healthcare providers recognize health trends and changes so they can act between doctor’s visits.

Zweec Analytics (Singapore) Provides the Fish Activity Monitoring System (FAMS), an advanced water quality management solution which uses fish as sensors and analyzes their group behavior to detect water contamination. It provides significant cost savings for nation-wide deployment plus the potential to analyze activities of other organisms.

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