6 Finalists Announced for SmartCamp Istanbul

On Oct. 2nd-3rd, these 6 smart startups will compete in our 2-day SmartCamp Istanbul Kickstart event. Who are these companies? Take a look at their innovative solutions below and decide for yourself who has the best shot at winning this leg of the SmartCamp competition. This time, we will name a People’s Choice winner in addition to the judges’ pick, so YOU get to choose your favorite startup! Follow @IBMSmartCamp on Twitter for more details.

Compello focuses on business analytics areas in Telco, Finance and Pharma industries. With expertise in Cognos & SPSS consulting with packaged solutions, they help customers with their deep understanding of industry needs. Their aim is to approach customers with mature, proven and comprehensive packaged business analytics solutions for their industries.

Exa-Tech Exa-Tech is an early-stage technology-driven startup at Boğaziçi University Teknopark with solutions in sports analytics. Their Sentio solution analyzes football (soccer) play using optical sensors to track every player, referee, and the ball, combining location information with supporting data to develop sophisticated analyses on athletic performance, team structure, and other technical aspects of the game. Exa-Tech is committed to developing solutions for basketball and (American) football, while considering other team and individual sports based on their business case.

Havooz helps companies transform and analyze massive amounts of data using cloud technologies. They are experts in Hadoop (HDFS, MapReduce, Hive, HBase) and other NoSQL systems. They currently deliver customized Big Data solutions in the telecommunications industry.

Iskolig is a web-based career community center for employees where they can anonymously share salary information, job satisfaction, interview experience, questions, and work place photos. Moreover, İşkolig is an employer branding platform, which companies can use to provide value proposition information for candidates. İşkolig runs HR analytics information for companies to provide insight about salary and company satisfaction.

Minder has a brain-computer interface technology which enables the end-user to communicate emotions and thoughts just with mind power and facial expressions. It is a high-tech company with three main products, two of which were developed for disabled people: Mimik which enables hand-handicapped people to control a computer with their facial expressions and neck movements, and P300 which enables people to type with their thoughts.

MRME provides the solution BarcodeMap which turns your smartphone into a barcode reader. BarcodeMap uses the camera on your phone to scan barcodes, and then sends information on GPS coordinates and quantity to a remote database. BarcodeMap can help retailers to better manage store inventory, allowing them to see how many elements of each item category they have, and keep track of where they are and when.

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