Meet the Regional Finalists: Viewsy

Over a month ago on October 5th, startup Viewsy was named winner of IBM’s London SmartCamp Kickstart event, beating out four other finalists for the title. This week, they will compete at the SmartCamp European Regional Final in Berlin, with the final presentations being held in a public session this Wednesday Nov. 14th.

Viewsy uses smart analytics to detect signals (anonymously) from mobile phones so they can track how many people pass through locations, are queuing, how long they dwell and what holds their attention. Retailers, owners of large venues or public buildings will be able to find out which displays or signage work best, and restaurants and catering kiosks can find out how many people are taking up special offers or make a repeat visit. As Viewsy puts it, “what you measure you can manage,” and their solution has the potential to offer retailers very valuable insight into consumer behavior.

When asked about their upcoming appearance at the Regional Final, Viewsy had this to say: “Viewsy is very happy to be at Berlin Smart Camp as the winner of Smart Camp UK 2012. We can’t wait to share with the great people of Berlin Viewsy’s game-changing technology and our shared belief in the need for speed.”

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