1 week, 3 Mentor Days: Denmark, Sweden, Massachusetts

This week, the IBM Global Entrepreneur program will kick into high gear, hosting three Mentor Days in three different cities–Copenhagen, Denmark on Tuesday, April 9th, and Waltham, Massachusetts and Lund, Sweden on Wednesday April 10th.

Each event has a great lineup of startup companies who will to receive mentorship from investors, serial entrepreneurs, technology and business development experts. Here is the rundown of the startups in attendance this week:

Copenhagen, Denmark, April 9th
Echo.it – Software to award and manage progress from employees
GenoKey – Provide faster information-processing through new formulas in GPU computing
Intertisement – Provide designs and ideas to end consumers through Augmented Reality
OrtoSense – Advanced Wind Turbine Monitoring using Auditory Perceptual Pulse Analysis
Pamci – Provides innovative and user-friendly security solutions
Zerved – Allows customers to pay for food without ever leaving their seat

Lund, Sweden, April 10th
Cook’n Smile – Provide social platform for innovation on food and sustainable development
E-Maintenance – Provide platform for making more cost-effective maintenance decisions
Kvittar – Transforming paper receipts into a digital form to help you organize
Oricane – A big data startup providing faster solutions that use a fraction of the hardware
Pinstriped – Digital agency with creative solutions for better client performance
TimeZynk – Provides cloud platform for personnel planning, communication & reporting

Waltham, Massachusetts, April 10th
ConnectedVisits – Empowers consumers to access convenient and affordable healthcare
Dreamech, Inc – Provide platform to connect consumers and their cars to service experts
Green Status Pro – Enable efficient management of adherence to standards and regulations
Mindful Scientific – Builds diagnostic, monitoring & management solutions for brain health
Patient Engagement Systems – Provide platform for physician-patient engagement
Head-2-Head Technologies, Inc  – Provides dynamic and granular consumer intelligence

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