Mentor Day recap: Waltham, Massachusetts

Apr10-ConnectingCos-32On April 10th, IBM Global Entrepreneur hosted a Mentor Day at the Waltham, Massachusetts IBM Innovation Center. The morning’s mentoring sessions were coupled with the Waltham Innovation Center’s famous Connecting Companies with Capital event in the afternoon.

Six stellar startups participated in the Mentor Day event:

ConnectedVisits empowers consumers to access convenient and affordable healthcare.
Dreamech, Inc provides platform to connect consumers and their cars to service experts.
Green Status Pro enables efficient management of adherence to standards and regulations.
Head-2-Head Technologies, Inc provides dynamic and granular consumer intelligence.
Mindful Scientific builds diagnostic, monitoring & management solutions for brain health.
Patient Engagement Systems provide platform for physician-patient engagement.

Apr10-ConnectingCos-15The startups first presented their business pitches in the morning and then again later on in the day after intense mentoring sessions, and the improvement was visible. Robert DeNoble, COO at iHASMD and one of the day’s mentors said, “The value of the mentoring sessions provided immediate results as shown in the significantly improved quality of the company presentations during the afternoon session.”

At the end of the day Mindful Scientific and Patient Engagement Systems were selected as the two companies qualifying for an interview for the SmartCamp Silicon Valley Regional competition.

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