Upcoming Mentor Day: Chicago, June 11

Next Tuesday, June 11, IBM Global Entrepreneur will host a Mentor Day for early-stage tech startups at the IBM Innovation Center in Chicago, Illinois. The startups will meet with business and technical experts in morning mentoring sessions followed by a public networking session later in the day, featuring guest speakers Jeff Hoffman, Founder and partner in ColorJar, LLC, and Stephen Gold, Vice President WW Marketing & Sales Operations, IBM Watson Solutions.

Below are the five startups selected to participate in next week’s Mentor Day. Check out their smart, innovative solutions.

Faspark helps drivers find street parking. With their predictive approach they help drivers in Chicago and now also in Munich save up to 50% of their search time. Faspark uses big data and machine learning to help reduce driving and increase the chances of finding a street parking spot in today’s metropolitan areas. The drivers are provided with an optimized, multicolored path along which they will successfully find a parking spot in the streets.  

SimpleRelevance makes it easy for companies to send individually optimized email. They get the right content to the right person at the right time, which leads to revenue-per-email increases of 30-300%. SimpleRelevance helps marketers send data driven emails that are personalized on an individual basis and are guaranteed to boost sales, engagement, and conversion.

Smart Grid Network, Inc. is a social media and technology company committed to accelerating the pace of smart grid deployment. SGN is an ISV operating a global information, communication and eCommerce portal at SmartGrid.COM. Countries, states and communities use SmartGrid.com to draw attention to their smart grid initiatives, communicate with local stakeholders and attract best-of-class solutions. The site also helps consumers understand how a smarter grid can empower them to better manage their energy usage; and enables solution providers to showcase their innovative solutions to interested consumers around the globe.  

SolSketch helps retailers compete with Amazon. SolSketch’s RetailerEX solution is a next generation SaaS platform for retail purchasing and manufacturing. RetailerEX is designed to enable Just-In-Time inventory and On-Demand manufacturing. Their system helps physical retailers implement hybrid retail solutions which decrease inventory costs and increase revenues in numerous ways. It’s designed to help retailers capitalize on the coming trends in retail manufacturing and improve business models.

WeDeliver is an online platform which gives local merchants an answer to the question, “How can I compete with online retailers such as Amazon?”  They provide local merchants with the ability to offer their local customers a “White-Glove on-demand delivery experience” to set them apart from alternative online retailers. By leveraging WeDeliver, a local merchant truly has a competitive advantage, providing something e-tailers can’t: instant gratification on any and all purchases.


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Mentor Day: Chicago, June 11

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  2. Hey Guys,Thank you for the tip. I just had 4 of our files transferred to them, and was ptrety disappointed at how the process / hold times were with them. I enjoy watching the SSPH for tips like this, and I will be coming to your next training as well.Thank you!Jason LA City Short Sales December 7, 2010

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