From school project to thriving enterprise: Hilda Moraa shares her story from Nairobi, Kenya


Hilda Moraa, Founder and Business Strategist at Weza Tele Ltd

Hilda Moraa is one of the founding partners of Weza Tele Limited and Myorder. She is an IBM Global Entrepreneur Partner and her company recently participated in IBM Mentor Day in Nairobi, Kenya and won the opportunity to present at IBMSmartCamp in Johannesburg on October 9th. Ms. Hilda graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Technology from Strathmore University and is currently in the final year of her masters in Innovation & Entrepreneurship by Research. She has published and written numerous research papers and journals on the thematic focus of ICT, development and entrepreneurship.

Weza Tele Ltd was born out of a project that I worked on during my undergraduate studies at Strathmore University. The idea for the project came to me when I was working as a data analyst at a large global beverage and distribution company. I saw the challenges they faced within their distribution systems, so I conducted market research and documented those challenges then decided to develop an ordering solution prototype as my final year project. The prototype scored an “A”, and also won the top prize at the 2011 Mobile BootCamp. I think the project won because it provided a real solution to a real need that I experienced, which was now well solved while working in the global beverage company.


Sam Kitonyi, Cheif Technology Officer at Weza Tele Ltd

After graduation, I decided to develop the idea further beyond a school project. At that time I was a member at iHub, a local innovation hub for the technology community, and was looking for a team who was as passionate as I was. That is where I met Sam Kitonyi who was working at Nailab, a local business incubator, as the project manager. Sam had worked for over three years on e-commerce solutions with a local distribution company. The two of us later met Newton Kitonga at iHub. Newton had also worked on ordering solutions while doing his Masters program at  Strathmore University.

Together we founded Weza Tele Limited the house of our ideas – driven by a passionate team with a shared vision, ready to stat working on bringing our idea to fruition.


Newton Kitonga, Chief Operations Officer at Weza Tele Ltd

Since then, the team has grown to nine employees who have filled in missing gaps in the business through their expertise and business knowledge. Together as a team we have worked on the life cycle of our core product- Myorder Enterprise from discovery to validation.

Our solution addresses the daily inefficiencies faced by small and medium fast moving consumer goods distributors. Currently, many small and medium distributors that deal with ordering and distribution of products or services are bogged by the day-to-day challenges of such a business. Those challenges include: having to place entries manually, tracking orders, long queues of retailers waiting to place orders, delivery delays to the retailer, costly brokers at the middle of the distribution channel, and orders placed by phone, which are inefficient, fraud-ridden, and cumbersome.

The future for mobile as a tool in solving problems is gainsaid. Weza Tele Ltd is looking to optimize the mobile potential of solving inefficiencies in the order management, validation and distribution processes that do not synchronize and create digital customer base and information. These problems exist not only in Africa but also globally.

In the near future we hope to scale Myorder SMS to leverage the uptake of the rapid mobile subscription across the globe and create a positive impact by solving supply chain challenges faced by fast moving consumer goods distributors across the globe.

We believe that through strategic partnerships, mentorship and support e.g. from IBM, the African community is going to be different in many valuable ways using our solution. Businesses will be empowered with simple mobile tools to strengthen relationships with their customers, streamline distribution processes, improved communication, and better manage information, hence promoting transparency and quality of information and better informed decisions to increase value in the supply chain leading to economic development in the country.

How MyOrder works

Weza Tele’s Myorder SMS is a solution that enables registered retailers/stockists to send in orders in a simple and memorable format to their distributors. It’s easy to use and integrate into current sales processes. The service consists of 3 simple steps:

1. Register retailers;

2. Retailers can then start ordering items through sending an SMS order;

3. Orders get confirmed by their distributors and delivered


MyOrder system then receives the SMS order, calculates the total price, and sends back an SMS confirmation with order details, prices & expected total.

The solution seamlessly integrates with existing systems such as QuickBooks, SAP, Open ERP and Point of Sale solutions among others.

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