Smart startups will shake things up at Shanghai SmartCamp!

What do traffic, online shopping, social media monitoring, and virtual conferencing have in common? They all have problems that the startups at next week’s SmartCamp are working hard to solve!

On August 29th at the Longemont Hotel, the six startups below will compete at IBM SmartCamp in Shanghai, presenting their solutions to an audience of expert business leaders, academics, entrepreneurs, and investors. The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges, but YOU have a say too! Check out the six finalists below and vote for your favorite startup at the bottom of this post to choose the People’s Vote winner.

Register here to attend the event in person and be a part of the fun. Can’t make it in person? Join us for a live broadcast on August 29th–register here!

Many of us love to shop online to find great deals on electronics, clothes, and other items, but what about when it comes to financial products, like loans? Startup Foresee provides an online financial products supermarket, offering a convenient way for people to find the most suitable loan products. With the low cost to businesses, high value to customers, and the potential to expand into areas such as personal investment and insurance, this solution has many possibilities!

shanghai-startup-logo3Hongmai Software (Soften)
In order to make better marketing and selling decisions, companies need to have a correct picture of their products and the market, an awareness of their rivals and industry trends, as well as a knowledge of how they are evaluated by consumers. Hongmai Software (Soften) provides this insight with a social media monitoring system. Using exclusive crawler technology, this monitoring system spots public opinion information on up to 150,000 websites, including mainstream media and blogs. This information helps professional analysts come up with suggestions and solutions in response to public opinions.

shanghai-startup-logo6Sharp Wisdom
In the process of urbanization, urban vehicle ownership increases year by year and road congestion affects everyone on a daily basis. So how do you reduce congestion, communicate traffic information, and improve the daily commute? 
Sharp Wisdom has an answer, providing an intelligent traffic incident detection solution based on multi-sensor fusion technology. It accurately captures information such as traffic incidents, abnormal events, and traffic flow.

Government and enterprises spend 40 billion dollars on all kinds of forums, summits, and business events every year. However, due to traveling costs, the time involved, and environmental pollution, the attendance rate of these events is getting lower and lower.  VHall solves this problem with its virtual event and web casting services, enabling audiences to attend any event with just a click. They can watch live presentations, chat with lecturers, and exchange business cards just as they would in person, saving businesses huge costs and reducing environmental impact.

shanghai-startup-logo2WJ ITS
Traffic is a big problem in major cities, but luckily there will be not one but two startups at the Shanghai SmartCamp tackling this issue. WJ ITS provides a comprehensive traffic simulation system with allows for real-time traffic management and control, traffic system assessment, and traffic incidents forecasting. It helps make the most efficient use of road networks by balancing traffic flow and alleviating traffic congestion, but also makes contingency plans for emergencies and traffic incidents to minimize their potential impact.

Ten years ago, Ma Yun founded Taobao, an online marketplace to eBay or Amazon which enabled of hundreds of millions of Chinese to shop online. Now, online shopping has matured but the logistics of shipping have resulted in bottlenecks. In order to solve this problem a group of college students created YouBox. YouBox provides an intelligent express terminal for mail package delivery, a kind of network storage solution which makes it convenient for users to receive mail and reduces costs for enterprises.

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