Olé Madrid! Five Spanish startup finalists look to make history!

International Lab Madrid logoFor the third consecutive year, Spain will host one of the SmartCamp competitions. The IBM SmartCamp Madrid will be held on Oct. 23-24 at the Madrid International Lab. Register now to attend the public portion of the SmartCamp event!

The winner of the Madrid competition will go on to represent Spain at our SmartCamp Europe regional finals in Vienna. There will also be a people’s choice award given to the startup with the most popular votes.

Spanish startups have performed well in past SmartCamp competitions. PanamNav won last year’s competition in Barcelona, and Bitcarrier won in 2011, plus participated in the world final competition ultimately finishing in 3rd place. This year’s group of finalists promises to continue the Spanish success!

Let’s take a closer look at who our Spanish startup finalists are:

apparcar logoApparcar has created a new type of parking app, one that is based on mobile solution and intelligent parking management. Booking and provisioning of parking spaces is easier for the driver. Anyone can easily find the nearest open parking space through their free mobile app.

biicode logoBiicode analyzes your code, finds missing dependencies on our platform, and downloads only the required sources.  It looks for the best matching version, according to your policies, ensuring compatibility among all dependencies of your project. Biicode automates project configuration and building.

passnfly logoPASSNFLY is a mobile platform that integrates airlíne services and travel agencies so they can offer their customers services, such as check-in, sale of seats, VIP passes, and so on. It provides these services through a innovative mobile solution that empowers aviation systems integration.

torus logoTorus Software Solutions is a high performance computing and communications company. Torus provides high performance solutions based on boosting communications for Java-based High Performance and High Throughput computing. Their portfolio of products is oriented to finance, trading, telecom, IT, energy, and defense/space industries.

upplication logoUpplication is a SaaS tool that helps bring value to small and medium-sized companies by giving them the opportunity to reach all their customers no matter what kind of mobile device their customers use. Upplication customers would be able to manage and optimize their business and sales and directly engaging with their customers using the app.

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