Meet me in San Francisco! SmartCamp finalists compete in the City by the Bay

photo of bentley reserve

Bentley Reserve in San Francisco

As the new year approaches, this is a good time to reflect on the SmartCamp regional winners and the upcoming SmartCamp Global Finals. As has been blogged about before, the finals will be held in San Francisco on Feb. 6, 2014. Now we want to announce the venue for the finals: the Bentley Reserve! It is a stunning destination for our SmartCamp Global Finals!

Register now to see and hear our eight finalists as they compete to win the global prize!

Our eight finalists come from all parts of the world. From Latin America, Geekie is the top startup company from the regional finals in Mexico City. Likewise, Reengen, Temando and TMC represent Eastern Europe, Australia and southest Asia, respectively. Shopa brings the best of Europe, while Nova Lumos is the pride of Israel. And lastly, the champions of North America are Onfarm and Coriell Life Sciences. The competition of this year’s finals runs wide and deep.

Here’s your chance to decide who wins the People’s Choice Award! Even if you can’t attend the event, you can have a voice in who wins the popular vote!

Let’s take a closer look at our finalists and their solutions:

coriell-life-logoCoriell Life Sciences is building the technology infrastructure needed to bring the era of genome informed medicine to the clinic.  Coriell Life Sciences offers three core products that create an ecosystem connecting sequence vendors, data interpretation experts and physicians in an “App Store” marketplace.  Combining safe storage of the more than 3 billion data points in a whole genome, secure and private data exchange and expert scientific interpretation, Coriell Life Sciences is poised to usher in a revolutionary change in clinical decision support.

geekie logoGeekie applies artificial intelligence technologies to education. Geekie identifies the strengths and weaknesses of students. Geekie Lab is a platform that provides a customized study plan and identifies the most suitable teaching methods to help each student learn faster.

lumos-logoNova Lumos brings affordable energy to 1.5 billion people in the off-grid world by providing a “home power station in a box” a new type of solar panel that allows users to purchase electricity on demand using their mobile phone.

onfarm-logoOnFarm is the first company to integrate disparate hardware, cloud, and spatial data into a single SaaS farm management system.  The unique technology integrates nearly any type of data from any provider; from real-time soil moisture data to weather data, to image data. Users access information through a cloud-based dashboard with advanced analytics and guidance that enables the entire farming organization to make better, more informed decisions resulting in immediate impact on farm inputs, productivity, and profitability. OnFarm allows farmers to have a single solution to monitor, plan, and make decisions to help reduce the friction of adopting and maximizing technology.

reengen logoReengen software gives energy utilities a variety of ways to display captured grid profile data on maps and custom reports. Utility teams can use this information to balance primary loads, spot dangerous overloading of service assets, like transformers, or assist in determining priorities for capital expenditure programs.

Shopa logoShopa is a shopping network where members are incentivised to promote products to friends in return for cash. The creative solution highlights a new stage in word-of-mouth marketing on digital platforms and offers higher cash rewards for members with large followings.

Logo for TemandoTemando is an industry leading shipping software company and is working with some of the world’s largest brands to overcome the challenges of shipping in e-commerce. They have business partners with over 400 fulfillment providers around the globe to create a platform to connect customers with carriers. Customers benefit from the best rates available as well as real time freight quoting, booking, tracking, shipping document production, insurance of goods-in transit and participation in carbon offset programs.[vimeo w=400&h=300]

TMC logoTMC believes that landslide monitoring and early warning system is a must, especially in populated areas. Integrating high precision land surveying instruments with proven real-time communication technology, TMC Slope Monitoring System is an automated real-time monitoring and early warning system on a cloud platform that can monitor mining, quarries, building structures, plantations, bridges, transportation, airports, as well as the oil and gas industry.

Be sure to vote for your favorite startup in the poll above and good luck to our 8 finalists!

4 thoughts on “Meet me in San Francisco! SmartCamp finalists compete in the City by the Bay

  1. I loved Nova Lumos,Idea and their presentation.They’ll bring “good” to world.I wish them(and all
    of us) good luck and big success.

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