Mexico Startups Take On Online Education and Stock Image Purchasing!

Congratulations to TutorOnline and, two web based platforms built to create efficiency in online education and stock image purchasing.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 12.22.37 PMThese two companies are well suited as Mexico’s SmartCamp winners for their smart approaches to an ever growing need for imagery in marketing and on-the-spot education!

What’s their story? TutorOnline is an online tutoring platform where any student can have access to a private tutor through our virtual classroom; anytime, anywhere.

Global Industry Analysis, market research firm, projects that by 2018 the global market for tutorials will reach $102.8 B USD, more than 30% will be coming from emerging markets. TutorOnline aims to be the leading online tutoring in Mexico and Latin America. is a crowdsourced web platform designed to create a community of stock images that allows amateur and professional photographers to have their photos available for sale in a marketplace where potential buyers can acquire licenses. Purchasers can also convene competitions to order “on-demand” photos for any given particular purpose.

Capptu uses SoftLayer as their main server which gives support to all our back-end platform functioning.

Thanks again Capptu and TutorOnline for participating! Follow their stories @TutorOnlineMx and @Capptu.

For a complete look at application deadlines and public SmartCamp events, click here: Stay tuned for more SmartCamp stories in your city

Viva Las Vegas! SmartCamp Finals is here!


Mentoring session at SmartCamp Finals inside the MGM Grand

Today’s the big day! SmartCamp Finals is here!

The earlier part of the private mentoring sessions is halfway done. After a break later this afternoon, the startups will fine-tune their presentations for the final pitch!

In the meantime, we need your help in determining who will win the popular vote: the People’s Choice Award!

Need help figuring out who to vote for? Check out the finalists in our Spotlight Series:

Coriell Life Sciences transforms Healthcare Management with Smarter Process

Coriell Life Sciences is personalizing healthcare with help from IBM. Together, they are integrating genomic data into healthcare management to understand how a patient’s genetics might impact adverse reactions to medication.

Using IBM Smarter Process on Cloud, Coriell can manage the entire process from genetic testing up until the point that the information arrives directly into doctors’ hands. In addition, IBM Watson technology allows for real-time analytics to produce a confidence score around the likelihood of an adverse reaction.

Coriell Life Sciences is an IBM Business Partner with the Global Entrepreneur Program and is the winner of the IBM SmartCamp Global Finals 2013.

Blogging live from SmartCamp Global Finals: Fluid takes the stage!

More reporting from the opening session of IBM SmartCamp Globals Finals, live!


Kent Deverell, CEO of Fluid

Kent Deverell, CEO of Fluid, talked about the importance of the ability to pivot your startup when conditions on the ground change. Being nimble and the ability to adapt are crucial skills for a startup. His point echoed the sentiment shared earlier by Julian Kyula of Mode.

Brooke Aguilar, Vice President of Business, Fluid, followed up with the story of how Fluid first began working with IBM. According to Brooke, “Working with IBM, Fluid created a new line of business around the Watson for Retail solution.” She went on to comment how “working with IBM has created new opportunities to a new ecosystem for Fluid.”


Brooke Aguilar

She also shared with the attendees how Fluid shared the stage at NRF with IBM CEO, Ginni Rometty. Partnering with IBM has provided access that startups and young companies find so invaluable.

Needless to say, lots of great discussions taking place this morning in rainy San Francisco! Want to be a part of it? Registration is still available for the afternoon portion. If you can’t make it, you can still help decide who will win the People’s Choice award. Vote now for your favorite startup at the SmartCamp Global Finals!

A taste of Entrepreneur Week: An interview with Eric Ries, Pioneer of the Lean Startup movement

Here’s a great interview to watch. A small taste, if you will, of things to come at Entrepreneur Week!

Daryl Pereira, Social Media Manager for IBM, hosts an interview with Eric Ries, of The Lean Startup fame, and Scott Francis, co-founder and CTO of BP3. This short, but fascinating, conversation covers topics like the lean startup movement, the importance of case studies, the role of technology across all industries, as well as favorite food trailers!

Register to attend the IBM SmartCamp Global Finals to hear Eric Ries, and see who wins the SmartCamp award!

Mentor Day: Amsterdam

What do you do when you work in a lab that has invested thousands in high-tech equipment but is still recording its findings in a three-ring binder? Most people might think to themselves, “there should be a better way to do this,” and then forget about it. But not Maarten Dokter, who founded Labficiency, one of the three startups that participated in yesterday’s Mentor Day in Amsterdam. Our three startups recognized problems and inefficiencies and set out to fix them.

labficiencyDokter is now developing a workflow and data-management platform with a mission to eliminate notebooks from laboratories altogether. The platform will allow scientists to more efficiently store, manage, search, and share data–a world away from the capabilities of a notebook.

The mentor day that took place in Amsterdam yesterday was attended by eleven mentors and three startups. The startups gave ten minute pitches to three groups of mentors and then spent 30 minutes fielding questions and receiving guidance. The startups then regrouped and repitched their ideas in only seven minutes, while making use of the advice that they received in the first round.

lucipher The mentors awarded one startup, Lucipher, a chance to compete as a finalist in a SmartCamp event later on in the year. Lucipher is a data storing and sharing service for enterprises. What makes this startup unique is the security that it provides for enterprises that want to use cloud services.

The founders of Lucipher, Pieter van Beek and Evert Lammerts, recognized that there were many industries that could not take advantage of the cloud revolution because of security issues. Medical Centers, Academia, Corporate R&D departments, governments, and police, to name a few, cannot use unencrypted cloud services. Lucipher provides these industries with end-to-end encryption, which means that data is encrypted before it enters into the cloud.

Congratulations, Pieter and Evert!

24pulseThe third startup that attended is 24Pulse. The founder, Remy Gillet, has an interest in developing opportunities in the mobile space. 24Pulse connects current IT systems with employees’ mobile devices. Their mission is to improve the speed of personalized data distribution and reach to employees. Their target markets include healthcare, transaction monitoring, and revenue assurance. The platform is easy to set up and tailor for every individual business’ needs.

Thank you to all of our mentors and entrepreneurs for participating in Mentor Day!

Stay tuned – more mentor days to come in the coming weeks!

Cast your vote for your favorite Moscow IBM SmartCamp finalist

Next week five startup finalists will compete at the year’s first IBM SmartCamp in Moscow, Russia. The finalists will present their business pitches to a panel of experts and an audience of venture capitalists, investors, and business experts. The panel will name a winner of the event, but we will also announce a People’s Vote winner, which is where you come in! Check out our previous post to learn more about our finalists, and cast your vote below! The People’s Vote winner will be announced June 18th.

Five finalists chosen for the first SmartCamp in Moscow, June 17th-18th!

Next week entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors, and leaders in the technology industry will come together in Moscow to kick off the IBM SmartCamp season! Not only will this be the first event of the season but it is also the first SmartCamp to be held in Moscow, Russia.

IBM SmartCamp provides mentoring with industry leaders, visibility to venture capitalists, and access to IBM software to promising tech startups that are working towards a Smarter Planet.

Five unique startup companies were chosen to participate and compete in the SmartCamp Moscow event, which is taking place June 17-18. The companies are:

ImageSynesis was the winner of the recent Startup Village event, which was mentioned in a previous post. The company is a global solution provider in enterprise video intelligence. They provide video intelligence in safety, security, retail, and transportation networks as well as for enterprise management and production.

intelmedIntelMed is addressing global health issues such as the growing cost of healthcare and a shortage of doctors by providing online medical diagnostics. Their system issues probabilistic diagnoses and medical treatments based on years of data mining and mathematical modeling.

RACS photoRACS seeks to address the technological shifts and changing investor attitudes that are happening in the global financial markets. They provides investors with an integrated, visualized, multi-broker, real-time trading and portfolio management platform resulting from its unique analytics framework.

ImageSTEK developed automation software and hardware to reduce power consumption in oil production and utilities. Sensors are installed at the generation capacity or in the well zone to collect data. Real-time analytics are then used to optimize performance and operation modes of oil pumps.

AngioScanAngioScan-Electronics is aiming to change the way doctors diagnose and monitor diseases. They are developing non-invasive methods of healthcare through hardware and software systems, as well as mobile.

The event will be open to the public on June 18th. Hear presentations and panel discussions as well as network with the startups, serial entrepreneurs, VCs, accelerators, IBM and industry leaders that will be attending. The event includes an exciting pitchfest where each of the five finalists will have 6 minutes each to deliver their message followed by questions from the judging panel.

Following the finalists’ pitches, a panel discussion titled “The Future of Investing: Perspectives From Around the Globe” is on the agenda.  The panel will be moderated by Sasha Johnson, Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson VTB Capital Aurora. She will be joined by an esteemed group of panelists including Igor Taber, Investment Director, Intel Capital, Mike Tsygankov, Managing partner, Global TechInnovations, Mike Reiner, Co-founder, Startup Wise Guys and Deborah Magid, Director of Software Strategy, Venture Capital Group, IBM is sure to be interesting.

A networking dinner at Progress Bar at Digital October will conclude the day’s festivities.

Other speakers on the agenda include:

Alexey Komissarov, Deputy Head of Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, Moscow City Government

Igor Agamerzian, CEO, Russian Venture Company

Mike Tsygankov, Managing Partner, Global TechInnovations

Register now to join us to network and celebrate entrepreneurship at Digital October in Moscow on June 18!  If you are unable to attend live, join us via the livestream starting at 1:30 pm MSK.

We will be tweeting during the public showcase on June 18. Follow the conversation during the event on Twitter. Follow @IBMSmartCamp and join the the conversation with #IBMSmartCamp.

There are many more opportunities for your startup to participate in an upcoming SmartCamp or Global Entrepreneur Mentor Day near you!

IBM participates in Moscow’s first annual Startup Village International Conference; Russian Prime Minister also in attendance


IBM sponsors Startup Village International Conference in Moscow, Russia.

More than 3500 participants, including entrepreneurs, investors, business-people, IBM employees and Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, attended Moscow’s first-ever Startup Village International Conference in May. The event, which took place on May 27th and 28th, was organized by the Skolkovo Foundation and its partners and sponsored by IBM.

The Skolkovo Foundation is a non-profit organization, which was founded in 2010 by then President Dmitry Medvedev to promote innovation in science and technology development. And the event did just that with over 200 Russian and international start-ups showing innovations in IT, Energy Efficiency, Biomedical, and Aerospace technologies.

IBM employees from the Science and Technology Center, which was built in Moscow and collaborates with the Skolkovo Foundation to drive innovation in Russia, participated in an IT trends panel and led an exclusive master class.

cardboard team rooms

Trendy team rooms were crafted out of cardboard for the event.

Many promising entrepreneurs were chosen to participate in the event but one lucky entrepreneur was awarded a slot as a finalist in the upcoming Moscow SmartCamp, which is being held on June 17th and 18th. Synesis  is a start-up company aimed at providing video analytic solutions to retailers and manufacturers.

winner announced

Denis Sosnovtsev, IDR Russia announces that start-up Synesis has won a spot as a finalist at IBM’s SmartCamp in Moscow this June.

This SmartCamp event is an exciting milestone for IBM Global Entrepreneurs as it is the first one ever to be held in Moscow. It will be streamed live on