Tea and conversation: IBM Startup Café in Bangalore


IBM Startup Cafe in Bangalore, India

IBM Global Entrepreneur Program hosted the first IBM Startup Cafe in Bangalore. A small gathering of startups, technology enthusiasts,  investors, marketing, media and Global Entrepreneur Program mentors had an interesting conversation on how each of us can help build a stronger startup ecosystem. Thanks to Chaipatty.com for the uninterrupted fueling of discussions with tea, coffee and momos.

While startups like itraveller, Jiffstore and Profoundis presented their ideas and business models, a stream of tech leaders from IBM India Software Labs evaluated and contributed their views on how IBM technology can help their technology roadmap. With mobility platform, tools and Softlayer cloud, there is a lot to explore. Each startup present had an inspiring story and opportunity for growth. The spirit of entrepreneurship was clearly the cause of celebration for the Friday evening.

Parag Dhol from Inventus Capital Partners spoke about some of the startups he has invested in and gave tips on what investors intrinsically look out for in a startup. Redbus was a beautiful example Parag spoke of as an “idea” versus “ability to execute”. Though the idea looked simple, the team had to manage the complexities that were faced both online and offline.

EDC Creative Solutions, an IBM ISV Business Partner, spoke about some of the interesting “real innovation” EDC has delivered to it’s clients. Sprin Technosys spoke how they are leveraging the IBM Mobilefirst Platform to develop their solutions, and Kentropy, another IBM Business Partner, was very interested to know more about Watson on cloud.

A lot can happen over tea and we certainly believe we need to engage with more startups in the future. One of the participant has this to say,

“I didn’t know what it was, but I was able to learn lot of new things.  Software.. cloud.. many things. It actually changed my mind. I was scared of the first step, but I saw that each person had their ups and downs. It bought me lot of positive hopes, optimistic thoughts as well. Big big thanks for that opportunity!”

For more images from the IBM Startup Cafe in Bangalore, go to http://ibmurl.hursley.ibm.com/428E.

IBM Labs Day for Startups in Bangalore

Innovation from the startup community is absolutely critical to building a smarter planet.

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IBM presents to the participating startups.

Combining innovation from the startup community with the technology, scale, and resources of IBM will help forge partnerships that can open new areas of opportunity, build and strengthen new markets, and allow a collaborative exchange of expertise.

To that end, IBM Global Entrepreneur hosted IBM Labs Day for startups in Bangalore on May 29th, 2013.

The participating startup companies got a chance to network and connect with the Labs Leadership teams. It gave them an opportunity to get a first-hand preview of the innovation brewing in the IBM Development and Research Labs and explore possible areas of synergy.

The event also presented the IBM Labs team with an opportunity to participate in the local ecosystem–learning and sharing ideas and perspectives.


Sandesh  Bhat, VP, India Software Labs,  welcomes the startups.

Sandesh Bhat, VP, India Software Labs, welcomes the startups.

Sandesh Bhat, VP, India Software Labs welcomed the invited startup companies, many of which are members of IBM Global Entrepreneur. The half-day event saw an exciting exchange of ideas and discussions culminating in next steps that the startups would like to pursue with IBM.

Manoj Saxena, General Manager, IBM Watson joined the event, inspiring the gathered startups. A serial entrepreneur himself, Saxena met all the startups and answered their questions, sharing his entrepreneurial experiences and advice. Saxena’s visit came in conjunction with the announcement that IBM has plans to open its powerful cognitive computing system, Watson, to startups in India and the world soon.

Participating startups.

Participating startups.

The startup companies will continue to work with IBM, leveraging expert technical and domain expertise under it’s Lab Mentoring initiative from IBM Global Entrepreneur.


IBM Innovation Center Awareness Initiative: Software Universe 2012

1607 delegates, 1400 software enthusiasts, 360+ business leaders and entrepreneurs, and 375+ organisations from across India participated in the 8th edition of IBM Software Universe 2012, held earlier this month at The Renaissance Convention Centre in Mumbai.

Attendees of IBM Software Universe 2012 learn about the capabilities of the Bangalore IBM Innovation Center.

As part of its awareness initiative, the Bangalore IBM Innovation Center set up a booth at Software Universe 2012 to show people what the Innovation Center is all about. Through videos, one-on-one talks, and handouts on the Global Entrepreneur Program and Project Praviin (Academic Initiative), the IBM Innovation Center showed attendees how the center can help their business. Among the attendees were some budding entrepreneurs, who were glad to learn about the Global Entrepreneur Program.

The Bangalore IBM Innovation Center booth at IBM Software Universe 2012.


Some neighbors in nearby booths at IBM Software Universe 2012 included IBM Business Partners such as Satvik analytics, IFS World and Capgemini. All in all, it was great to see  people from various verticals come together and show interest in learning more about the IBM Innovation Center.

6 Finalists Announced for Beijing SmartCamp Regional Finals

You’ve seen these companies before as they competed in the IBM SmartCamp Kickstart events, now watch them go head-to-head at the Regional Finals in Beijing on Sept. 25 and 26th! Here are the talented finalists who made it to the final, who do you think will win?

CropLogic (Winner–SmartCamp Sydney Kickstart) Provides predictive decision support tools to crop growers and processors enabling growers to improve yield and sustainability. They have a solution to manage yield and water supply for potato management for which there will be 2 billion end consumers.

HistoIndex (Winner–SmartCamp Singapore Kickstart) Provides researchers and hospitals with cutting edge tools and reliable techniques to assist in speedy and accurate diagnosis of fibrosis. HistoIndex is the world’s first company to offer clinicians, researchers, and drug development companies a quantitative technology that can visualize cell morphology and matrix distribution without the need for staining.

Instreet (Winner–SmartCamp Beijing Kickstart) Provides a tool that links publishers and advertisers by leveraging smart image-scanning technology to create image-based internet advertising for websites.

iTarge (Finalist–SmartCamp Beijing Kickstart) Offers intelligent transportation system solutions by using HD cameras combined with cloud computing technologies. The system identifies traffic accidents intelligently, then prioritizes them automatically and performs real-time traffic light intervention to prevent traffic congestions.

Yonyx (Winner–SmartCamp Bangalore Kickstart) Offers a call-center solution which helps SMEs at organizations express information in the form of multimedia flowcharts that customers can traverse one step at a time starting from the problem symptom to the underlying cause and its corresponding solution without having to interact with a live agent.

QuintessenceLabs (Finalist–SmartCamp Sydney Kickstart) Develops cyber security products empowered by quantum science to safeguard valuable electronic information even in the presence of network and system breaches.