IBM SmartCamp Latin America: Seis startups incríveis competem!


IBM Brazil in Sao Paulo

Based in the heart of Sao Paulo, IBM Brazil will host the IBM SmartCamp Latin America Regional Finals on Nov. 13th! The top 6 startups from Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil will compete to advance to the Global Finals! To attend the event, you must register!

One startup will advance to the Global Finals: the Judge’s Choice! However, you can help decide who wins the popular People’s Choice Award by voting for your favorite startup!

Let’s take a look at our 6 finalists:

logo_dodClients can invest and maintain several active robots simultaneously, and each robot is capable of monitoring a diverse selection of financial assets concurrently. dod has developed a pioneer solution regarding the use of Robots as a Service (RaaS) in a simple way, providing capabilities such as drag and drop, play and stop buttons, and much more. It works with a vigorous risk management system accompanied by sophisticated strategies to maximize consistent profitable returns. dod has a simple design and is very flexible and instinctive.

logo_inventsysInventsys designed Citysys, an innovative solution to help government better manage public inventories and operations in the field.  This solution is a powerful asset management platform based on a cloud control panel and a mobile application, in which any kind of item or operation can be inventoried/tracked easily.  After the inventory building phase, users can register incidents in plan events, and the system will automatically generate and forward work orders to any service provider based on a Smart work order handling filter. Citysys is not a Citizen Complaining Tool. It is a real time, mobile and paperless platform to revolutionize small cities asset management procedures. serves as an additional live-media channel for online marketing, allowing live content monetization and strengthening the relationship among broadcasters with their fan bases (live interaction, audience mailing and creative rewards). Live streaming broadcasts gives them total freedom and autonomy to perform whenever and wherever they want. Follow them on Twitter @Netshowme.

logo_clipClip provides card acceptance services for any person or business, regardless of the size of operation and takes all major credit and debit cards. Clip accepts card transactions through a sleek and easy-to-use piece of hardware that connects with an operator’s smartphone or tablet by fitting into the headphone jack of the device. Payments are automatically transferred into the merchant’s bank account every two business days with no monthly fee or minimum transaction amount required. Clip is only one of two companies in the world to have its own proprietary design for the card reader (the other is Square) and it uses a patented fraud protection program. Clip also provides its services through an SDK for developers.

logo_Store_LevelStoreLevel provides consumer brands with real time in-store execution monitoring nationwide on-demand using crowdsourcing and mobile technology. Users download the App and execute missions based on the brands’ needs in exchange for cash rewards; hence providing supplemental income to tens of thousands of families.  Brands analyze the results directly from their cloud based dashboard. StoreLevel has the largest mobile on demand workforce in Mexico. Follow them on Twitter @getwownder.

logo_ubidotsUbidots is a cloud service to store and analyze sensor data, making it very simple for hardware engineers to create applications for the Internet of Things. Through a clean and simple interface, they can create real-time dashboards, SMS/Email notifications, compute math formulas in the cloud, or even share sensor data with other users or applications – no web coding required. They also provide firmware libraries to make most popular devices Ubidots-compatible (Android, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Spark Cores, Electric Imps, etc.), as well as software libraries so they can extend their applications in their language of choice (Ruby, Python, C, Java or PHP). Follow them on Twitter @ubidots.

Don’t forget to register to attend!

We have a new winner! Coriell Life Sciences

It’s been said before, and it certainly applies here: the competition was tough! It’s hard to imagine how difficult a decision this was for our judges. But, decide they did. The results are in!

Sandy Carter applauds Scott Megill of Coriell Life Sciences

Sandy Carter applauds Scott Megill of Coriell Life Sciences

The IBM SmartCamp Global Finals 2013 winner is Coriell Life Sciences! Congratulations to them!

It was probably the story Scott Megill, Coriell’s CEO, told while he was on stage. He spoke about Doris, an 85 year old woman who was taking 14 different medications. She’s faced with having to take a new medication now, Scott goes to say, but her doctor may not fully understand what kind of adverse side effects Doris could experience taking all these medications together.

That’s where Coriell Life Sciences enters the scene. With a simple swipe of the inside of her cheek, Coriell Life Sciences can determine whether or not the drugs shes taken are best for her. How do they do this? By looking at her DNA. With their DNA testing, Coriell Life Sciences is able to determine that Doris’ new medication might cause her serious health issues, like blood clotting. With this information, her doctor now has the complete information needed to make a better decision for her health.

And here’s a staggering figure: $135 Billion is wasted due to adverse drug reaction in the US. Not mention the most important thing, quality of life!

Coriell Life Sciences, like many of the other finalists, are in the business of saving lives. They are poised to be very successful, and people’s lives will be improved as a result.

Coriell Life Sciences wasn’t the only one to walk away with a trophy in hand. Shopa proved to be the most popular startup and they received the People’s Choice Award. Looking at the vote total, it was clear that Shopa has a very loyal fan base! Good on them!

All of the 2013 IBM SmartCamp Global finalists

All of the 2013 IBM SmartCamp Global finalists

Now, we celebrate with all the finalists. Tomorrow, we began focusing on the next round of startup competitions, as we prepare to crown the winner for 2014. Will that be you? It could be, if you’re a startup and compete in the IBM SmartCamp competition!

IBM Global Entrepreneur Day: Innovate. Transform. Grow.

IBM Entrepreneur Week is coming in February, and there are many ways you can be involved!

For example, Day 2 of our Entrepreneur Week, or IBM Global Entrepreneur Day as we call it, is where you can network and learn from your local ecosystem of entrepreneurs, VCs, academic leaders, accelerators, IBM executives and IBM Business Partners.

Held at 45+ locations worldwide, chances are there’s one happening near you. Find an event near you and register to attend!

Check out the image of our flyer below for more information, including the day’s agenda.

Infographic of Day 2 - IBM Global Entrepreneur DayBe sure to visit IBM Global Entrepreneur Week for more opportunities to get involved!

Despite turmoil in Cairo, spirit of entrepreneurship endures

egypt-3july2013-500-celeb-kidToo often in recent days, we turn on our TVs to see images of violence and political turmoil in Cairo. But behind the turmoil, there are businesses working to grow and entrepreneurs striving to make the world a better place.

Egypt has a strong academic foundation with 25 public and 34 private universities, and it is working to build a better information and communication technology infrastructure to serve national development priorities and contribute to the global market. There are several programs in Egypt which support this goal, such as the Information Technology Institute (ITI) which provides specialized software development tools to new graduates, and the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) which aims to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in technology.

IBM is proud to be an involved and contributing part of the Egyptian economy since 1954, and now, in conjunction with TIEC and Endeavor Egypt, we will be holding an IBM Global Entrepreneur Mentor Day on September 8th. The Mentor Day will encourage entrepreneurs to grow their business sand guide them with ideas to enhance their operation and visibility.


What is a Global Entrepreneur Mentor Day?

Mentor Days connect promising, early-stage tech startups with business leaders, tech gurus, and entrepreneurial experts for one-on-one mentoring sessions. Through these mentoring sessions, startups are able to evaluate their business models and find ways to grow and improve. If you are a startup in Egypt looking to apply for the September 8th Mentor Day, you can submit your application here. The deadline to apply is August 31st.

Don’t want to apply as a startup but still want to be part of the fun? Register to attend the public afternoon portion of the Mentor Day, where you can hear the startups’ presentations, hear expert speakers, and mingle with business and technology leaders. Email to register.

Be a part of the first IBM Global Entrepreneur event in Egypt!

Mentor Day recap: Copenhagen, Denmark

Mentorday Cph #1On April 9th, 2013, the IBM Global Entrepreneur program hosted a Mentor Day at the IBM Client Center in Copenhagen, Denmark. The purpose of the day was to help Global Entrepreneur startups progress through presentations and mentoring sessions. At the start of the day, IBM IDR Nordic leader Jan Thomsen told the startups, “This day is about your “ideas (pitch) meeting the reality, and we are here to lead you in the right direction. ”

To lead the startups in the right direction was an incredible mentor team with many years of experience and expertise in business development, technical development and entrepreneurship. Five Global Entrepreneur member companies showcased their solutions in retail and e-commerce, banking security, and healthcare. The ten handpicked mentors came from across academia, industry and the venture capital community in the Nordics along with IBM technical and business leaders.

Mentorday Cph#7The startups all gave their business pitches and then underwent intense mentoring sessions in preparation for the final presentations later in the day. One of the startup participants, Kim Bleshøy Nielsen, CEO of Intertisement, said, “The mentoring prepared me for the second presentation and it is very helpful to learn how ‘people from the outside’ interpret your solution and question your way of doing things.”  Ambjørn Christophani, Founder of Pamci, said, “The mentoring has made a huge difference in the development of our business. The mentors recommended us to focus on a new specific market, which we immediately took to heart.” 

It seems as though all the startups really did take the mentors’ advice to heart. One mentor remarked, “the progression throughout the day has been incredible. [It’s] a real pleasure to see the [Global Entrepreneur] members’ dedication and the hard work to adapt to input from us, and then improve their presentations for the second round.”

Mentorday Cph #4At the close of the event, two startup participants were named winners of the day: Echo IT and Zerved These two companies will automatically go to the interview stage of an upcoming SmartCamp event.

Congratulations to these two promising startups, and thank you to the mentors and all those who attended!

Life after SmartCamp: 2012 global finalist StreetLight Data


StreetLight Data CEO and co-founder Laura Schewel gives her company’s pitch at the 2012 SmartCamp Global Finals.

Each year, the companies who make it to the SmartCamp Global Finals are always brilliant startups who are leaders in their field. But what happens once their SmartCamp journey ends? Most of them, like StreetLight Data, go on to do great things.

StreetLight Data was one of the 8 finalists at the 2012 SmartCamp Global Finals and one of only two startups representing North America at the event. Based in San Francisco, CA, and founded in 2011, StreetLight Data delivers next-generation geospatial business intelligence to support critical decisions and improve return on investment in marketing, site selection, urban planning, and economic development. They do this by repurposing and recombining data from traffic and transportation management systems (such as traffic jam alerts and navigation) to help retailers better understand the context in which their stores operate. This intelligence can lead to improved site selection, as well as other applications.

On April 5th, StreetLight Data announced that it has secured a seven-figure Euro funding in Series A financing. This new round of funding is co-led by Vision Ridge Capital Partners, a Boulder-based venture capital firm, and T­-Venture, the venture capital company of Deutsche Telekom. StreetLight is heavily investing in the development of its new product, StreetLight InSight, an analytic platform that stands to benefit greatly from the financial support:

“We have recently announced deals with several transportation and traffic data providers, such as AirSage and KSS Fuels, and this financing will allow us to bring on the additional team members to accelerate putting that data to use and integrating it into our platform,” said Laura Schewel, co-founder and CEO at StreetLight.

“Personally,” Schewel continues, “it means I get a couple years to make good on my belief and vision that StreetLight can improve the way we understand and make decisions about transportation. It’s an extraordinary opportunity. It also means I finally get to pay all the people I convinced to quit their jobs a reasonable salary, which is good too!”

Schewel also cites her company’s SmartCamp experience as a critical part of the journey to securing this new funding opportunity. She said that the mentorship she received through IBM SmartCamp was unique from the other advice she’s been given over the years, in that it taught her how to “distill the message and the focus of my company down to its essence. This has been critical in both fundraising AND in our sales process.”

This focus seems to be working as StreetLight Data has certainly captured the attention of venture capital. Reuben Munger, managing director for Vision Ridge Partners said, “We’re excited about StreetLight’s incredible mix of technical, transportation, and data expertise, as well as their dual financial and environmental value proposition. Their business provides both a game-changing analytic product for brick and mortar retail and a powerful source of information to support more transportation-efficient city planning and economic development. We’ve also been impressed by the strong vote of customer confidence as StreetLight has started marketing its product over the last quarter.”


Congratulations to StreetLight Data on securing this funding as they continue to develop their company and products. They are well on their way to making the planet a whole lot smarter!

1 week, 3 Mentor Days: Denmark, Sweden, Massachusetts

This week, the IBM Global Entrepreneur program will kick into high gear, hosting three Mentor Days in three different cities–Copenhagen, Denmark on Tuesday, April 9th, and Waltham, Massachusetts and Lund, Sweden on Wednesday April 10th.

Each event has a great lineup of startup companies who will to receive mentorship from investors, serial entrepreneurs, technology and business development experts. Here is the rundown of the startups in attendance this week:

Copenhagen, Denmark, April 9th – Software to award and manage progress from employees
GenoKey – Provide faster information-processing through new formulas in GPU computing
Intertisement – Provide designs and ideas to end consumers through Augmented Reality
OrtoSense – Advanced Wind Turbine Monitoring using Auditory Perceptual Pulse Analysis
Pamci – Provides innovative and user-friendly security solutions
Zerved – Allows customers to pay for food without ever leaving their seat

Lund, Sweden, April 10th
Cook’n Smile – Provide social platform for innovation on food and sustainable development
E-Maintenance – Provide platform for making more cost-effective maintenance decisions
Kvittar – Transforming paper receipts into a digital form to help you organize
Oricane – A big data startup providing faster solutions that use a fraction of the hardware
Pinstriped – Digital agency with creative solutions for better client performance
TimeZynk – Provides cloud platform for personnel planning, communication & reporting

Waltham, Massachusetts, April 10th
ConnectedVisits – Empowers consumers to access convenient and affordable healthcare
Dreamech, Inc – Provide platform to connect consumers and their cars to service experts
Green Status Pro – Enable efficient management of adherence to standards and regulations
Mindful Scientific – Builds diagnostic, monitoring & management solutions for brain health
Patient Engagement Systems – Provide platform for physician-patient engagement
Head-2-Head Technologies, Inc  – Provides dynamic and granular consumer intelligence

Mentor Day Recap: Dublin, Ireland

Stills IBM GEP 9Last week on March 28th, IBM Global Entrepreneur kicked off its 2013 program with the first-ever Mentor Day event, held at the IBM Innovation Center in Dublin, Ireland. It is the first of seven events taking place across Europe. Five startups participated and received valuable feedback from experienced investors, technology experts, business development gurus, and media/communications professionals.

Check out this video to learn more about the Dublin Mentor Day:

The new Mentor Day event format is very popular with the Global Entrepreneur startup companies, who were glad to receive business mentoring and gain access to IBM IT Architect teams at the Dublin Innovation Center, helping them to understand how to develop their solutions and work more closely with IBM. 

The CEO of one of the participating startups, Tyrecheck, said that it was “Extremely interesting to meet others in the same development cycle as we ourselves are in right now.”

Stills IBM GEP 6The team in Dublin have set the bar high with a fantastic group of business and technical mentors out in force to meet these startup companies.

Next up are the IBM teams in Sweden, Denmark, and Waltham, Mass. who have great Global Entrepreneur Mentor Days planned for April 9th & 10th. Keep a lookout for updates on those upcoming events in the coming days!

Through the eyes of a student: Jamie Murphey

At the IBM SmartCamp Global Finals on Feb. 7th, IBM was happy to welcome not only business leaders and entrepreneurs in the audience, but many students as well. Here is a piece about the event written by MBA candidate Jamie Murphey from CUNY Baruch Zicklin School of Business. 

JamieMurpheyWhen I walked into the Waldorf Astoria in New York City for the IBM Smartcamp Global Finals this winter I was struck immediately with the energy of the room. Underneath the twinkling chandeliers, the AV team wove their way through clusters of entrepreneurs, investors and innovators with last minute sound checks and lighting adjustments. As the music began to play and the Twitter feed began streaming tweets of encouragement to the competing teams, I could feel the buzz of excitement and expectation rippling through the quickly filling ballroom.

I was delighted to attend IBM’s SmartCamp Global Finals. It was an opportunity to see firsthand as innovators throughout the globe compete for a prize that could transform the lives of their team forever: recognition. Though we were here for the competitors, it was hard not to be dazzled by the speaker lineup. Mayor Bloomberg gave the opening remarks in a charming and self-deprecating review of his efforts to promote entrepreneurship. Several technology and investment thought leaders participated in panels on global entrepreneurship, and a former winner described his experience after being chosen as the winner at a previous SmartCamp.

When the competitors were introduced, it was clear that the competition this year was fierce. The eight finalists would have only 6 minutes to present their answer to IBM’s challenge to envision a Smarter Planet. The range of ideas and reach of ambition was impressive, and the applications were downright futuristic.

From retail solutions to medical applications, the finalists wowed the audience. The mobile company Poikos created a body measurement application that allows customers to shop for clothing online while assessing the fit of the clothes by modeling the outfits on a detailed scan of the individual’s body. StreetLight Data provides geo-targeting solutions for marketing professionals. HistoIndex focused on improving the diagnosis and treatment of fibrosis.

Before we knew it, all eight finalists had presented, and the judges withdrew to deliberate. As we waited for the final results from the judges, Barbara Corcoran, the founder of the Corcoran Group and much-loved Shark from ABC’s hit reality series “Shark Tank” spoke on her early experiences in business, and how tenacity and boldness enabled her to become one of the top real estate brokers in the city.

Then the announcement! The winner of the competition, and one of the most exciting innovations at the event, was MoDe, a technology company that facilitates micro-lending in Africa using mobile phone minutes as currency.  The crowd approved, and the whole ballroom swelled with applause. I looked around at the faces of fellow entrepreneurs as we celebrated one of our own and was struck by the impact that IBM had created with their vision for a smarter planet. By providing leadership and cultivating potential, IBM brought people together from around the world to share ideas and grow together. Now that’s leadership.

What’s new in 2013 for IBM Global Entrepreneur

ibmge_newThe 2012 IBM SmartCamp Global Finals may be over, but 2013 is just getting started for the IBM Global Entrepreneur program. So what’s new this year?

The SmartCamp competition will continue in full swing in 2013 but in addition Global Entrepreneur will offer more events, including all-new Mentor Days. These events will provide an increased focus on mentoring to selected startups, giving them the benefit of coaching and feedback from industry experts, IBM leaders, and successful entrepreneurs in their community. Apply for a Mentor Day near you.

Each Mentor Day will be followed by public ecosystem event, which is open to those in the community who share a passion for entrepreneurship and networking. Registration for public events will open soon!

These new event offerings will provide startups many of the networking and mentoring benefits of SmartCamps, without the pressures of competition. However, companies selected to participate in Mentor Days may also be invited to participate in a SmartCamp event!

So check out the Global Entrepreneur site to keep track of upcoming events near you, and see if your early-stage startup is eligible to apply. Or, if you’re simply passionate about entrepreneurship, look for registrations to open on our public ecosystem events!

As always, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @IBMSmartCamp and @IBMGE.