Nine startups compete in SmartCamp Europe Regionals!

canarywharfcollageLocated in London’s Canary Wharf, Level 39 will host the IBM SmartCamp Europe Regional Finals on Nov. 27th. Along with Level 39, Silicon Valley Bank and piâblo public relations are also sponsors of this year’s event. Supporting SmartCamp Europe Regionals are local London institutions Tech City UK, London & Partners, and Global Entrepreneurship Week. A huge thanks to our sponsors and supporters!

The top 9 startups from England, Russia, Poland, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and Israel will compete to advance to the Global Finals! This list of countries represents one of the most diverse SmartCamp events ever held! You do not want to miss it! To attend the event, you must register!

Plus, you can help decide who wins the popular People’s Choice Award by voting for your favorite startup! It’s fast and easy!

Let’s take a closer look at our 9 finalists!

andiamoWinner of SmartCamp London, Andiamo creates a new orthotics service for disabled children using 3D scanning and printing technology. Their goal is to provide high qulaity orthotics and reduce waiting times. More than that, Andiamo is about improving the quality of life for their patience and the caregivers. Follow them on Twitter .

jelastic_logoWinner of SmartCamp Moscow, Jelastic has a Platform-as-Infrastructure solution that combines the flexibility of IaaS with the ease of use of PaaS within a single platform for a fraction of the cost of existing virtualized environments. Jelastic provides a turnkey private, public or hybrid cloud that works for innovative and legacy applications. Currently, Jelastic platform supports Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js (.NET is coming) and a wide range of stacks. Follow them on Twitter @Jelastic.

kinetise_logoWinner of SmartCamp Warsaw, Kinetise’s SaaS solution allows you to create even the most complex and advanced applications, with an engine that supports a wide variety of functionality, design freedom, 2-way communication with external servers, user authentication and integration with various popular APIs. Kinetise fills a gap in IBM’s MobileFirst portfolio. Follow them on Twitter @Kinetise.

Magick_logoWinner of SmartCamp Nordic, Magick is a Danish software development company specializing in cloud-based financial trading technology. Their solution specializes in foreign exchange trade automation and is easily configured by the user with an intuitive client interface that runs on any Web browser. Their solution has the added security of the cloud making it easier for traders to access their data from any computer, tablet or mobile device. Follow them on Twitter @MAGICKnu.

momitWinner of SmartCamp Madrid, Momit develops products and solutions using Cloud, Big Data and Data Mining technologies, which enable significant energy savings in our homes. Momit’s solutions learn from user behavior, comparing and improving the use of energy control systems, and adapting the devices to the customer habits. Follow them on Twitter @greenmomit.

secluditlogoWinner of SmartCamp Lille, SecludIT’s solution brings Elastic Security to cloud infrastructure providers who need to provide on-demand computing resources to their customers without compromising with security. SecludIT’s innovative and patented Elastic Security technology solve theses issues and allows users to automatically define and maintain an appropriate security parameter whatever the changes in the infrastructure. Follow them on Twitter @SecludIT.

Social Bullguard
socialbullgardlogoWinner of SmartCamp Milan, Social Bullguard’s platform gathers all relevant interactions coming from email or social media. All these posts, comments, emails ecc are then filtered based on the analysis of both the content of the interaction and the profile of the person that interacted. A tag based routing then makes sure that each post is redirected to the best person to answer. Follow them on Twitter @SocialBullguard.

tiramizoo_logoWinner of SmartCamp Berlin, Tiramizoo provides a same-day delivery solution for local e-tailers and retailers. Their solution combines online and offline shopping and support using a multi-channel concept. Follow them on Twitter @tiramizoo.

wakingapp_logoWakingApp, winner of SmartCamp Tel Aviv, is a startup that has developed solutions and a platform for creating advanced, interactive augmented reality with multi-user interaction, live data feeds, personalization, social activities, and live 3D games. With their “drag & drop” platform, it is easy for anyone to start creating a 3D experience! Follow them on Twitter @WakingApp.

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IBM SmartCamp Latin America: Seis startups incríveis competem!


IBM Brazil in Sao Paulo

Based in the heart of Sao Paulo, IBM Brazil will host the IBM SmartCamp Latin America Regional Finals on Nov. 13th! The top 6 startups from Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil will compete to advance to the Global Finals! To attend the event, you must register!

One startup will advance to the Global Finals: the Judge’s Choice! However, you can help decide who wins the popular People’s Choice Award by voting for your favorite startup!

Let’s take a look at our 6 finalists:

logo_dodClients can invest and maintain several active robots simultaneously, and each robot is capable of monitoring a diverse selection of financial assets concurrently. dod has developed a pioneer solution regarding the use of Robots as a Service (RaaS) in a simple way, providing capabilities such as drag and drop, play and stop buttons, and much more. It works with a vigorous risk management system accompanied by sophisticated strategies to maximize consistent profitable returns. dod has a simple design and is very flexible and instinctive.

logo_inventsysInventsys designed Citysys, an innovative solution to help government better manage public inventories and operations in the field.  This solution is a powerful asset management platform based on a cloud control panel and a mobile application, in which any kind of item or operation can be inventoried/tracked easily.  After the inventory building phase, users can register incidents in plan events, and the system will automatically generate and forward work orders to any service provider based on a Smart work order handling filter. Citysys is not a Citizen Complaining Tool. It is a real time, mobile and paperless platform to revolutionize small cities asset management procedures. serves as an additional live-media channel for online marketing, allowing live content monetization and strengthening the relationship among broadcasters with their fan bases (live interaction, audience mailing and creative rewards). Live streaming broadcasts gives them total freedom and autonomy to perform whenever and wherever they want. Follow them on Twitter @Netshowme.

logo_clipClip provides card acceptance services for any person or business, regardless of the size of operation and takes all major credit and debit cards. Clip accepts card transactions through a sleek and easy-to-use piece of hardware that connects with an operator’s smartphone or tablet by fitting into the headphone jack of the device. Payments are automatically transferred into the merchant’s bank account every two business days with no monthly fee or minimum transaction amount required. Clip is only one of two companies in the world to have its own proprietary design for the card reader (the other is Square) and it uses a patented fraud protection program. Clip also provides its services through an SDK for developers.

logo_Store_LevelStoreLevel provides consumer brands with real time in-store execution monitoring nationwide on-demand using crowdsourcing and mobile technology. Users download the App and execute missions based on the brands’ needs in exchange for cash rewards; hence providing supplemental income to tens of thousands of families.  Brands analyze the results directly from their cloud based dashboard. StoreLevel has the largest mobile on demand workforce in Mexico. Follow them on Twitter @getwownder.

logo_ubidotsUbidots is a cloud service to store and analyze sensor data, making it very simple for hardware engineers to create applications for the Internet of Things. Through a clean and simple interface, they can create real-time dashboards, SMS/Email notifications, compute math formulas in the cloud, or even share sensor data with other users or applications – no web coding required. They also provide firmware libraries to make most popular devices Ubidots-compatible (Android, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Spark Cores, Electric Imps, etc.), as well as software libraries so they can extend their applications in their language of choice (Ruby, Python, C, Java or PHP). Follow them on Twitter @ubidots.

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Extracting meaningful data: ImageVision at SmartCamp Dallas

Mitch Butler, Co-Founder of ImageVision, talks about extracting meaningful data from visual content and insuring positive social media experiences. He also talks about partnering with IBM and about the value of IBM Global Entrepreneur.

ImageVision was the winner of the IBM SmartCamp Dallas competition!

Wumdrop delivers a victory at SmartCamp Cape Town

SmartCamp events keep rolling along and with that, we have new winners on a weekly basis! Recently, it was the SmartCamp Cape Town event that brought out the best and brightest of startups to IBM! The South African winner this year was Wumdrop!

Photo of Wumdrop winners, Roy Mathieu Borole and Simon Hartley

L to R – Roy Mathieu Borole and Simon Hartley of Wumdrop; Clayton Booysen, IBM

Wumdrop’s mobile solution allows you to request shipping service at the click of a button. No more waiting in lines at the post office or shipping kiosk! What’s so impressive about their solution is that it furthers the notion of mobile solutions making daily tasks easier and faster to complete. This is a great resource for business and personal use!

SmartCamp Cape Town ran in partnership with Tech4Africa. Every SmartCamp event is huge success when Tech4Africa is involved! So THANK YOU to Tech4Africa!

And, congratulations again to Wumdrop for winning the SmartCamp Cape Town competition!

Venture capital guru, Julie Meyer, to be at IBM SmartCamp Global Finals!

Entrepreneur Week is here, and we’ve got a full week of activities for everyone to enjoy. And let’s be clear, it’s not just for or about IBM. We’ve got an impressive line-up of speakers and mentors engaged through out the week. We’ve already blogged about Eric Ries, our keynote speaker for the SmartCamp Global Finals. But we have others, too… namely, Julie Meyer!

Photo of Julie Meyer

Julie Meyer

Julie is the founder and CEO of Ariadne Capital, co-founder and Managing Partner of the Ariadne Fund, founder of Entrepreneur Country, and co-founder of First Tuesday.

She founded Ariadne Capital back in 2000; Ariadne backs entrepreneurs in the digital health, mobile money, broadcast media and entertainment, and smart cities ecosystems. Ariadne pioneered the model of “Entrepreneurs Backing Entrepreneurs” as the new model of the financing of entrepreneurship, and Ariadne’s investment framework is “Ecosystem Economics.”

She sits on the Boards of INSEAD, Medikidz, Vestergaard Frandsen and Jellybook. In 2011, she was asked to be on the Secretary of State’s Entrepreneurs Panel and the Secretary of Health’s Innovation Panel. In 2012, Julie was honored to receive an honorary MBE for her services to entrepreneurship. Julie’s first book, Welcome to Entrepreneur Country, was published in June 2012.

Thankfully, Julie will be a mentor and a member of the Venture Capital Panel for our IBM SmartCamp Global Finals on Feb. 6th. Spots are filling up fast for our afternoon portion of the finals. Register now so you can hear Julie and see who wins the SmartCamp finals!

Mentor Day recap: Waltham, Massachusetts

Apr10-ConnectingCos-32On April 10th, IBM Global Entrepreneur hosted a Mentor Day at the Waltham, Massachusetts IBM Innovation Center. The morning’s mentoring sessions were coupled with the Waltham Innovation Center’s famous Connecting Companies with Capital event in the afternoon.

Six stellar startups participated in the Mentor Day event:

ConnectedVisits empowers consumers to access convenient and affordable healthcare.
Dreamech, Inc provides platform to connect consumers and their cars to service experts.
Green Status Pro enables efficient management of adherence to standards and regulations.
Head-2-Head Technologies, Inc provides dynamic and granular consumer intelligence.
Mindful Scientific builds diagnostic, monitoring & management solutions for brain health.
Patient Engagement Systems provide platform for physician-patient engagement.

Apr10-ConnectingCos-15The startups first presented their business pitches in the morning and then again later on in the day after intense mentoring sessions, and the improvement was visible. Robert DeNoble, COO at iHASMD and one of the day’s mentors said, “The value of the mentoring sessions provided immediate results as shown in the significantly improved quality of the company presentations during the afternoon session.”

At the end of the day Mindful Scientific and Patient Engagement Systems were selected as the two companies qualifying for an interview for the SmartCamp Silicon Valley Regional competition.

Upcoming Mentor Day: Silicon Valley, April 15th

On Monday, April 15th, the year’s fifth Mentor Day will be held at the IBM Innovation Center in Silicon Valley. Five promising startups will participate–check out their solutions below!

The startups will receive intense mentoring from business development experts, tech gurus, investors, and serial entrenpreneurs in the morning session, and later on the public event festivities will start at 6:30 pm. You can register for the public session here.

Connectem Inc.  is a provider of an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) cloud computing solution for communications companies. Connectem has developed the first packet core platform designed to run in the cloud. The packet core is the computer that processes mobile data traffic moving between mobile handsets, dongles and the internet. This Cloud based packet core from Connectem, as opposed to traditional packet core, can be delivered to carriers for 1/10th the cost.

CloudPrime provides a cloud-based messaging solution as a service which enables customers to securely transfer data between applications and devices. Within minutes, you can connect application interfaces and begin transmitting messages securely without the use of VPNs or needing to modify your network / firewall.

FireWhat Inc now owns, the largest wildfire notification and news media site in the world. The solution provides real time information in a digital format, and will reduce the lag time in notifying the public of critical fire updates in a rapidly changing environment.

OnFarm delivers insight and understanding of critical agriculture data to growers, field staff, and consultants. Growers access OnFarm through an intelligent go anywhere dashboard empowering their entire organization to make better more informed decisions resulting in immediate impact on farm productivity and profitability.

ReferralMD streamlines the communication process between primary care and specialist providers. They offer care providers an affordable way to exchange, manage, and track referrals, authorizations, and progress updates while providing performance measuring tools to track trends, leakage, and participation.

Life after SmartCamp: 2012 global finalist StreetLight Data


StreetLight Data CEO and co-founder Laura Schewel gives her company’s pitch at the 2012 SmartCamp Global Finals.

Each year, the companies who make it to the SmartCamp Global Finals are always brilliant startups who are leaders in their field. But what happens once their SmartCamp journey ends? Most of them, like StreetLight Data, go on to do great things.

StreetLight Data was one of the 8 finalists at the 2012 SmartCamp Global Finals and one of only two startups representing North America at the event. Based in San Francisco, CA, and founded in 2011, StreetLight Data delivers next-generation geospatial business intelligence to support critical decisions and improve return on investment in marketing, site selection, urban planning, and economic development. They do this by repurposing and recombining data from traffic and transportation management systems (such as traffic jam alerts and navigation) to help retailers better understand the context in which their stores operate. This intelligence can lead to improved site selection, as well as other applications.

On April 5th, StreetLight Data announced that it has secured a seven-figure Euro funding in Series A financing. This new round of funding is co-led by Vision Ridge Capital Partners, a Boulder-based venture capital firm, and T­-Venture, the venture capital company of Deutsche Telekom. StreetLight is heavily investing in the development of its new product, StreetLight InSight, an analytic platform that stands to benefit greatly from the financial support:

“We have recently announced deals with several transportation and traffic data providers, such as AirSage and KSS Fuels, and this financing will allow us to bring on the additional team members to accelerate putting that data to use and integrating it into our platform,” said Laura Schewel, co-founder and CEO at StreetLight.

“Personally,” Schewel continues, “it means I get a couple years to make good on my belief and vision that StreetLight can improve the way we understand and make decisions about transportation. It’s an extraordinary opportunity. It also means I finally get to pay all the people I convinced to quit their jobs a reasonable salary, which is good too!”

Schewel also cites her company’s SmartCamp experience as a critical part of the journey to securing this new funding opportunity. She said that the mentorship she received through IBM SmartCamp was unique from the other advice she’s been given over the years, in that it taught her how to “distill the message and the focus of my company down to its essence. This has been critical in both fundraising AND in our sales process.”

This focus seems to be working as StreetLight Data has certainly captured the attention of venture capital. Reuben Munger, managing director for Vision Ridge Partners said, “We’re excited about StreetLight’s incredible mix of technical, transportation, and data expertise, as well as their dual financial and environmental value proposition. Their business provides both a game-changing analytic product for brick and mortar retail and a powerful source of information to support more transportation-efficient city planning and economic development. We’ve also been impressed by the strong vote of customer confidence as StreetLight has started marketing its product over the last quarter.”


Congratulations to StreetLight Data on securing this funding as they continue to develop their company and products. They are well on their way to making the planet a whole lot smarter!

Behind the scenes at IBM SmartCamp 2012 (and what’s in store for 2013)

2013 is shaping up to be an action-packed year for IBM Global Entrepreneur, with Mentor Days starting this week on March 28th in Dublin. If you’re an early stage tech startup looking for some mentoring from business experts and networking opportunities, check out  our listing of upcoming Global Entrepreneur Mentor Days to find an event near you.

Think your startup is ready to take it to the next level and square off against other promising companies? Then apply for IBM SmartCamp, a global competition for early-stage startups. Check out the listing for SmartCamp events coming up in 2013 to find the one closest to you.

To get a glimpse of what being a part of IBM SmartCamp could hold in store for your startup watch this behind-the-scenes video from the 2012 SmartCamp Global Finals, where eight finalists from around the world came together to compete for the title IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year.

Through the eyes of an entrepreneur: Urvashi Mathur

At the SmartCamp Global Finals on Feb. 7 2013, IBM was happy to welcome many entrepreneurs in the audience, including budding entrepreneur Urvashi Mathur. She is the COO and co-founder of TestRocker, global startup which delivers a comprehensive online education platform for standardized test preparation. Urvashi is also a proud 2010 graduate of University of Notre Dame, with a BA in Management. Below she writes some thoughts on her SmartCamp experience.

urvy1As an entrepreneur, I think about my startup at all times. Even while I’m asleep. I spend most of my days caught up in the minutia and details because there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do all that is on my list. As I walked into the IBM SmartCamp finals, my fingers were frantically typing out more to-dos on my phone. I sat down in my chair and I looked around only to realize I was surrounded by some of the world’s most innovative entrepreneurs.

Each of the 8 finalists that presented at the finals were inspirational in their own way. What stood out to me most was that big, bold ideas are being generated and executed in all parts of the world – and this was the perfect venue to recognize such efforts. The presentations were extremely well put-together and the answers to the judges Q&A sessions were spot-on. I left the event with a lot of lessons, some of which are captured below.

Sometimes, it’s good to stop and smell the roses.
Most would agree that Park Avenue is not usually where cost-cutting entrepreneurs tend to ‘hang out.’ But for one day, the day of the IBM SmartCamp finals, the energy and excitement of New York City’s very own ‘Silicon Alley’ was transported to the grand ballroom at the Waldorf Astoria. I looked down at my name badge. It read ‘Urvashi Mathur, Start-Up Owner.’ And that’s when it hit me; these innovators who are set on changing the world are actually my peers. Being amongst such bright minds and ideas gave me the opportunity to stop and take a moment to smell the roses.

Inspiration has a trickle-down effect
When Mayor Bloomberg takes the time out of his day to come and speak to you, you listen. He greeted the finalists and attendees and had us on the edge of our seats as he told us about his entrepreneurial endeavors. He gave advice, thoughts and some great laughs. And the night ended with Barbara Corcoran’s story of her rise to the top. The big lesson learned here was that all ideas start at the very bottom. And it takes a lot of perseverance, hard work and heartbreak to climb to the top. But it is possible. Seeing leaders like Mayor Bloomberg and large companies like IBM supporting entrepreneurship was inspiring, and should be viewed as tremendous encouragement to all aspiring entrepreneurs.

It’s good to think and dream big.
Guy Kawasaki said, “The best reason to start an organization is to make meaning – to create a product or service to make the world a better place.” One of this year’s finalists, HistoIndex, is a small company with a big mission – helping early and accurate detection of fibrosis through technology. Medical research and technological innovation is thriving in today’s world. Yet nothing stopped this company from entering the market as a strong contender. Even the smallest of companies have the potential of making a big impact in big industries. Should this company continue to deliver on its mission, the possibilities and benefits to society are endless.

The winner of this year’s IBM SmartCamp was MoDe. This group of talented individuals has taken micro financing and M-Pesa to another level. Nano financing that provides opportunities to people in emerging markets that thrive on borrowed pre-paid airtime. MoDe is well on its way to impacting the lives of millions in Africa and beyond.

From the day we founded TestRocker, our goal has been bigger than just SAT preparation. We want to provide a life-changing impact by transforming the way students prepare for standardized tests, as these tests can change the trajectory of their college admissions process. A mission to improve lives in some way is the most rewarding type of revenue that exists. And the speakers and presenters at the IBM SmartCamp finals reinforced my belief in exactly that.