IBM SmartCamp 2015 Semi-Finalists Weigh In on SmartCamp


That’s a wrap. The IBM SmartCamp semi-finalists spent the early part of this week at LAUNCH Scale in San Francisco learning from some of the biggest names in technology, while gaining the knowledge needed to refine their solutions in preparation for LAUNCH Festival in March. At the end of LAUNCH Festival, one of the semi-finalists will walk away with a place in well-known investor, Jason Calacanis’ LAUNCH Incubator with a 25K investment.




While live streaming on Periscope, we got the chance to hear about all ten of the semi-finalists experiences at LAUNCH Scale this week, and how the IBM SmartCamp program has brought their startups to where they are today. Take a look at these videos to learn more about the semi-finalists’ SmartCamp experiences.

  1. BitSensor:
  2. Lime Company:
  3. Gridcomm:
  4. Eight Wire Data:
  5. Congo:
  6. Capptu:
  7. Bquate:
  8. Connectio/Visualtis:
  9. Yosko: Prefers not to release video
  10. The Car Force:

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Chicago SmartCamp Recap: Reimagining Healthcare – Congratulations Opternative!

IBM SmartCamp is headed into September with an exciting recap of our first SmartCamp event in Chicago last week.

Operative Photo Via Instagram

In collaboration with Technori, a turnout of nearly five hundred people came together on Tuesday the 26th to watch five local healthcare startups pitch their innovative products and services to a panel of judges and to hear from entrepreneur and investor Rishi Shah of ContextMedia.


Destined to discover new methods of streamlining and simplifying the healthcare industry, these five startups each took their turn in the hotseat:

  1. Markit Medical – A smart scheduler for your next healthcare appointment.
  2. Players Health – A mobile app designed to provide athletic organizations with the essential medical information and injury reporting to manage the health and care of youth athletes.
  3. ReadySet Surgical – A cloud based surgical coordination platform that consolidates logistics, confirmation and communication through one dashboard accessible by members of the surgical team.
  4. TapGenes – TapGenes helps customers take control of health and care for the people they love by looking at genetic history to lower health risks and live a longer and healthier life.
  5. Opternative (Winner!) – Eye exams from the comfort of your home.

Taking into account several factors, the judges chose Opternative as the Chicago city winner. IBM SmartCamps enjoyed hearing from all five healthcare startups, and determined that of the five, Opternative had the most viable, and sellable product that will be able to scale quickly to match demand.

Congratulations to Opternative and co-founder Aaron Dallek, who did a great job presenting on stage in Chicago!

How is Opternative reinventing healthcare? Take a look.

About Opternative:

Opternative is the first-to-market eye exam and prescription company that costs less than a traditional refractive eye exam. It is registered with the FDA.

How does Operative work?

  1. Sign-Up: Answer a few questions to be sure you’re eligible
  2. Take The Exam: Use your smartphone or computer to take the Opternative exam in twenty-five minutes or less.
  3. Doctor Review: Sit tight for twenty-four hours while a doctor in your state reviews and approves your prescription.
  4. Get Your Prescription: Your signed prescription can be used anywhere.

What else did the Chicago audience learn? They walked away with a new outlook on how healthcare works and some great words of wisdom from the keynote presenter Rishi Shah for aspiring and current entrepreneurs, “During our first two years, I called on a customer 21 times and left 21 voicemails. The 22nd call went great.”

Rishi reminds us that, as entrepreneurs, our journey is to keep pushing forward despite setbacks and obstacles. Thank you to all five startups who participated in the Chicago event and to those who came to hear them pitch!

keynote smartcamp

Congratulations to Opternative and onward to Singapore! For a complete look at application deadlines and public SmartCamp events, click here: Stay tuned for more SmartCamp stories in your city.

IBM SmartCamp Chicago Application Deadline Passed: Join the Pitch Competition Audience!

This week was the application deadline for the Chicago SmartCamp happening August 25th and we were happy to see a variety of healthcare startups apply in partnership with our friends at Technori, a startup showcase where nearly 500 tech enthusiasts gather each month to watch as five of Chicago’s most innovative startups present their solutions.

Didn’t make the cut as an applicant? You can still be a part of the demo event audience happening on August 25th at 6:00 pm.


Click here to join the audience. Come early to grab your seat for the pitch competition at The Chase Auditorium at 10 South Dearborn Street Chicago, Illinois 60603.

If you’re interested in applying for SmartCamps in one of the other thirty city options, click here to see the full location listings and application deadlines.

Insight Robotics’ fire fighting solution won the day!

Insight Robotics wins SmartCamp 2014! Congrats to Insight Robotics for winning what was one of the most competitive SmartCamps ever! Very impressive!

The difference for Insight Robotics is that they had proven technology that was very innovative with a great social impact: fighting fires.

insight robotics logoUsing thermal imaging sensors and advanced artificial intelligence vision technology, Insight Robotics’ solution allows fire fighters to locate a forest fire quickly, giving them a jump at extinguishing the flames. So precise is their solution that it can spot fires as small as an area of 2m x 1m within 5km radius!

Also, congratulations to blue, Inc. for winning the People’s Choice Award! Clearly, blue, Inc. has a loyal fanbase. Be sure to check them out!

Congratulations to all our finalists!

Nine startups compete in SmartCamp Europe Regionals!

canarywharfcollageLocated in London’s Canary Wharf, Level 39 will host the IBM SmartCamp Europe Regional Finals on Nov. 27th. Along with Level 39, Silicon Valley Bank and piâblo public relations are also sponsors of this year’s event. Supporting SmartCamp Europe Regionals are local London institutions Tech City UK, London & Partners, and Global Entrepreneurship Week. A huge thanks to our sponsors and supporters!

The top 9 startups from England, Russia, Poland, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and Israel will compete to advance to the Global Finals! This list of countries represents one of the most diverse SmartCamp events ever held! You do not want to miss it! To attend the event, you must register!

Plus, you can help decide who wins the popular People’s Choice Award by voting for your favorite startup! It’s fast and easy!

Let’s take a closer look at our 9 finalists!

andiamoWinner of SmartCamp London, Andiamo creates a new orthotics service for disabled children using 3D scanning and printing technology. Their goal is to provide high qulaity orthotics and reduce waiting times. More than that, Andiamo is about improving the quality of life for their patience and the caregivers. Follow them on Twitter .

jelastic_logoWinner of SmartCamp Moscow, Jelastic has a Platform-as-Infrastructure solution that combines the flexibility of IaaS with the ease of use of PaaS within a single platform for a fraction of the cost of existing virtualized environments. Jelastic provides a turnkey private, public or hybrid cloud that works for innovative and legacy applications. Currently, Jelastic platform supports Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.js (.NET is coming) and a wide range of stacks. Follow them on Twitter @Jelastic.

kinetise_logoWinner of SmartCamp Warsaw, Kinetise’s SaaS solution allows you to create even the most complex and advanced applications, with an engine that supports a wide variety of functionality, design freedom, 2-way communication with external servers, user authentication and integration with various popular APIs. Kinetise fills a gap in IBM’s MobileFirst portfolio. Follow them on Twitter @Kinetise.

Magick_logoWinner of SmartCamp Nordic, Magick is a Danish software development company specializing in cloud-based financial trading technology. Their solution specializes in foreign exchange trade automation and is easily configured by the user with an intuitive client interface that runs on any Web browser. Their solution has the added security of the cloud making it easier for traders to access their data from any computer, tablet or mobile device. Follow them on Twitter @MAGICKnu.

momitWinner of SmartCamp Madrid, Momit develops products and solutions using Cloud, Big Data and Data Mining technologies, which enable significant energy savings in our homes. Momit’s solutions learn from user behavior, comparing and improving the use of energy control systems, and adapting the devices to the customer habits. Follow them on Twitter @greenmomit.

secluditlogoWinner of SmartCamp Lille, SecludIT’s solution brings Elastic Security to cloud infrastructure providers who need to provide on-demand computing resources to their customers without compromising with security. SecludIT’s innovative and patented Elastic Security technology solve theses issues and allows users to automatically define and maintain an appropriate security parameter whatever the changes in the infrastructure. Follow them on Twitter @SecludIT.

Social Bullguard
socialbullgardlogoWinner of SmartCamp Milan, Social Bullguard’s platform gathers all relevant interactions coming from email or social media. All these posts, comments, emails ecc are then filtered based on the analysis of both the content of the interaction and the profile of the person that interacted. A tag based routing then makes sure that each post is redirected to the best person to answer. Follow them on Twitter @SocialBullguard.

tiramizoo_logoWinner of SmartCamp Berlin, Tiramizoo provides a same-day delivery solution for local e-tailers and retailers. Their solution combines online and offline shopping and support using a multi-channel concept. Follow them on Twitter @tiramizoo.

wakingapp_logoWakingApp, winner of SmartCamp Tel Aviv, is a startup that has developed solutions and a platform for creating advanced, interactive augmented reality with multi-user interaction, live data feeds, personalization, social activities, and live 3D games. With their “drag & drop” platform, it is easy for anyone to start creating a 3D experience! Follow them on Twitter @WakingApp.

Register now to attend this great SmartCamp event!

Dominik Blattner talks about Cupenya and being part of the IBM family!

Recently, Cupenya was a finalist at the SmartCamp Dallas event. Their solution is a super-fast analytics engine that, after taking in all your company’s data, can predict what your next move should be to ensure smooth operations!

Cupenya is PureSystems certified and runs on WebSphere and DB2. They are also part of the SoftLayer Catalyst Startup Program and have started using Bluemix!

Listen to what Dominik Blattner, CEO of Cupenya, says about the power and advantages of partnering with IBM through the Global Entrepreneur Program!

SmartCamp Sydney produces 2 winners!

Photo of Brendan Roberts

Brendan Roberts of 9 Spokes

Congratulations to 9 Spokes for winning the SmartCamp Sydney competition! Also, congrats to Tapit for winning the people’s choice award!

9 Spokes was the judges’ choice with its integrated software dashboard. They select apps through a rigorous accreditation program and then make them available to the user through a dashboard environment. No more sifting through thousands of apps trying to find the best match for your industry. They’ve already located them for you, and made them easy to access!

Also, they use the power of the cloud! You can access 9 Spokes and all your apps from any Internet connected device. Everything is at your finger tips!

Tapit’s solution deploys, manages and analyses contactless technology, such as Near Field Communications tags, Beacons and QR codes. Using powerful Tapit visualization reporting, clients can easily make sense of how people are interacting with their Tapit-enabled infrastructure in real-time. Their solution provides an easy to use platform that instantly tells you how and where people are engaging with your content, as well as channel format and device.

With Tapit, it’s easy to see how people are interacting with your Tapit-enabled infrastructure in real-time.

Congratulations again to our winners Down Under!

Cloud, Mobile and Social startups win at SmartCamps!

We have more exciting news coming from SmartCamps in Africa and Europe!

Recently, we had SmartCamps in Milan, Lille and Nairobi. And at each location, the local entrepreneurial ecosystem was engaged and participated!

Congratulations to Social Bullgard (Italy), Seclud-IT (France) and Digital Vision East Africa (Nairobi)!

social bullgard logoSocial Bullgard gathers and structures social media content to help companies react quickly to requests and opportunities, as well as avoid and manage crisis efficiently.

secludit logoSeclud-IT’s solution, Elastic Security, brings to cloud infrastructure providers the ability to provide on-demand computing resources to their customers, without compromising with security.

chamasoft logoDigital Vision East Africa’s solution, Chamasoft, is a simple to use web and mobile application that automates all activities in an investment group. Their solution also promotes transparency and accountability within investment groups.

What an impressive list of startups! And all that just from last week! There are more to come, as our SmartCamps are happening around the world. Find out more about a SmartCamp near you!

IBM teams up with Tech4Africa for the Nairobi SmartCamp

Once again, Tech4Africa will play as host to an IBM entrepreneurial event, IBM SmartCamp Nairobi! The event will take place on July 1st at the Bishop Magua Centre.

This year’s event includes three finalists for the SmartCamp competition. Here’s a closer look at each finalist:

chamasoftDigital Vision East Africa’s solution, Chamasoft, is a  simple to use web and mobile application that automates all activities in an investment group. Chamasoft is integrating with different financial providers and mobile money services to enable complete automation of records management from members to financial institutions. Follow Digital Vision on Twitter @chamasoft.

qubitQubit’s solution, Tenacle SaaS, is a merchant SaaS solution that merges multiple payment channels. Follow Qubit on Twitter @QubitLtd.

synacorSynacor Consortium’s solution is a water management solution that enables efficient day to day operations. Follow Synacor on Twitter @Synacor_ke.

The SmartCamp event is followed by a Tech4Africa after party. To attend the event, simply register. Then, be prepared for fun and to be inspired!

Good luck to the three finalists!

Entrepreneurs, startups, VCs, and IBMers join forces for Technori Pitch in Chicago

Photo of Attendees at the Technori Pitch

Attendees at the Technori Pitch

On Tuesday, May 27th, Chicagoland entrepreneurs, startups, VCs, and IBMers gathered for Technori Pitch. This event is an amazingly fun pitch night that brings together over 500 Chicagoland startup enthusiasts to hear five impassioned startups pitch their products and services.

The theme for the night was “Big Data & Cloud”, something IBM knows a thing or two about.  So, it was natural for The Chicago IBM Innovation Center and Technori to work together and discuss Big Data & Cloud, as well as IBM’s startup program, the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program.

The 5 startups for this “Technori Pitch sponsored by IBM” were:

  • Additive Analytics – Reduces hospital admissions by using a predictive analytics model
  • Belladati – Solution connects databases into a single business intelligence dashboard
  • – Environment that turns engineering code into applications able to be used by non-technical staff
  • Cardiosys – Healthcare dashboard for companies to identify employees at risk of health issues
  • Narrative Science– Generates human readable text automatically from structured data
Photo of Technori Pitch in Chic

Technori Pitch main stage in Chicago

All 5 of the startups were excellent in their presentations and solutions, but the judges had to pick just one – Narrative Science – as the winner.

The Chicago IBM Innovation Center is the place for IBM Business Partners, academics, and startups to meet and grow their solutions. For more information, go to

The IBM Global Entrepreneur Program provides many benefits to technical startups interested in working with IBM. For more information, go to