Not siloed: The promise of cloud technology in the healthcare industry

Scott Megill, of Coriell Life Sciences, was spotted at this year’s IBM Pulse conference. Fresh off his victory at the IBM SmartCamp Global Finals, Scott was interviewed about his thoughts on cloud  technology.

He talked about his excitement for IBM’s cloud technology and the flexibility it gives to a healthcare company, like Coriell Life Sciences:

“What really excites me about cloud, and the ability to implement this on a global scale, is that we can be agnostic of the healthcare systems and agnostic of these entrenched electronic medical records systems…”

Meet the Regional Finalists: Hygeia

Hygeia offers a solution to manage healthcare risks in a smarter way, allowing hospitals and healthcare providers to improve profits, strengthen reputation and, best of all, save more lives.

Their solution gathers real-time data on patient condition, prescriptions, nutrition supplied, test results, hospital infrastructure, medical staff condition and other information to calculate each patient’s risk of developing pneumonia, urinary tract infection, sepsis and other complications. This allows healthcare providers to detect undesirable events in advance so that medical staff can take preventative measures.

Hygeia is a Brazilian startup company that will compete next week against the 5 other Latin American Regional SmartCamp finalists. If they win they will advance to the Global SmartCamp Final in February 2013.